31st May 2017

Why Sports Massage? – by Leanne Robertson


Who are we?

LSR Therapies, is a small, local business founded in May 2016 by myself Leanne Robertson – specialising in Sports and Pregnancy Massage.  We operate primarily out of Shine Hair Studio in Southsea, but also  offer a mobile service in and around the Portsmouth, Gosport and Waterlooville area.

As a Sports and Pregnancy Massage therapist, it is vital that I find the right mix of products I can use with my broad selection of clients.  Finding a complimentary natural massage oil to use has not been easy! However, DOMS Ease Oil is just this and has now become a major part of all my Sports Massage Treatments.

Having such a versatile cliental from runners & gym bunnies to Cross Fit athletes & Paralympians, to recreational sport fanatic, (I could go on…) each patient comes with new injuries, aches and pains. Having one product that can help so many people is great.


So why Sports Massage?

Sports Massage does play an important part in the life of anyone, especially a sportsman or sportswoman. This includes aiding in the recovery of injuries or using as a preventative method. Sports Massage allows the body to recover quickly. However, sports massage is not specific purely for sports performers. People who prefer a deeper massage, can also benefit from this form of massage.

Sports Massage has many benefits from the more well-known physical to psychological and physiological. Sports Massage maintains the body in a better condition, by preventing injuries and loss of mobility, curing, and restoring mobility in injured muscle tissue, boost performance and extend the overall life of your sporting career.

Whether pre-event massage treatments, or during competition to improve the elasticity of the muscle fibre to allow for better quality of movement. As well as the range of movement being considerably greater, it also opens micro-circulation increasing the blood flow into the tissues, by opening and dilating the blood vessels and stretches them, allowing more nutrients to pass through into deeper tissue.

Post-event treatments are needed, to stretch the muscle fibres out where they cannot be stretched using other methods such as foam rolling and other forms of stretching. It is also good for breaking down scar tissue that has been formed through old or new injuries, or trauma. 

Sports Massage can also help I the reduction of pain through reducing the tension within the muscle fibres and removing waste products from within the muscles. Like exercise, Sports Massage helps release the bodies endorphins.

What products?

The products we use for sports massage are songbird massage wax and  we have now incorporated DOMS Ease Oil into the treatment as we have found many benefits from this product. The product itself it made with all natural oils and so I can use this product on any of my patients. With some of my patients being competitive athletes, it is vital that I source the right products that compliment their training.  Now with two types of DOMS Ease Oil to choose from (muscle ease oil blend and sports ease oil blend) our clients can tailor their treatment further.

Both work brilliantly however, I have found that patients really enjoy the smell of the Sports Ease Oil blend, compared to the Muscle Ease Oil blend.  With the lavender oil having a calming effect on the body and mind, it is an excellent tonic for nerves and anxiety.  It can also aid in the clearance of the respiratory system, which is often compromised through the nasal passage during massage. Lavender & the other essential oils within DOMS Ease Oil works well to reduce pain, including tense, sore and achy muscles.  A simple yet effective oil that combined with massage has such a beneficial impact on anybody during and post massage.


Why DOMS Ease Oil?

Sourcing a product made from all natural oils, is so important – artificial products can irritate the skin and with massage we want to ensure this does not happen.  DOMS Ease Oil is also a small business – just like LSR Therapies; I strongly believe in supporting small business around the UK. But it isn’t only our therapists that love this product,  our clients do too.  I receive endless comments about how gorgeous the smell is, to how it makes their skin feel post massage.  Clients have described a feeling of warmth and relaxation, and reduced aches and DOMs… there is truth in the name!  This is even more evident when my clients have experienced a similar product of a lower quality.

LSR Therapies loves using DOMS Ease Oil! With all the natural ingredients, it’s fresh and calming scent, and versatility.   Use at anytime – in competition, during your warm up or your cool down and as a part of your complimentary therapies.


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