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Ease Oils for Runners
Tracey Anderson - Runner
‘I have been using Sports Ease Oil for about three months now, before and after my race of life races. I have found it wonderful for getting my muscles warm and for the massage afterwards which helped to soothe my tired body.’
Tony Edward - Personal Trainer
‘I have used Muscle Ease Oil for one month and since then it has become vital. I use it before training to help my muscles warm up and also post training to help aid my recovery. If I ever get some discomfort I straight away use it and now see it as part of my everyday training regime.’
Ease Oil for physiotherapists
Linda Thomas - Physiotherapist
‘What I really like about Muscle Ease Oil is that I can use it pre, post and during a competition. Its application is light on the skin of my clients and smells amazing and is non sticky. My clients and I simply love this product and I use it every day.’
Ease Oil for footballers
Trevor Cooper - Footballer
‘After a football match, I love the feeling of Sports Ease Oil in a hot bath, where I can relax and soak my tired muscles. The smell is so calming.’
Ease Oil for Dancers
Sarah Brown
‘After an intense ballet session, there’s nothing like massaging Sports Ease Oil into my muscles and joints to comfort my tired, tight muscles. The after feeling is amazing and the smell is to die for. This is a must for me as I always feel rested and relaxed.’
Finn Taylor - Gym Goer
‘I use Muscle Ease Oil before and after training in the gym to help with pre and post training. My personal trainer first introduced me to Muscle Ease Oil when I had some stiffness in one of my calf muscles. I massaged it into the area and was shocked at how rapidly it brought comfort to me. I would defiantly recommend it to all of my friends who work-out at the gym.’
Darren Wilks
Darren Wilks - Classic Tall Class BodyBuilder


BodyPower Champion 2014

Ukbff British Finals 6th 2014

Ukbff Midlands Champion 2015

Ukbff British Finals 4th 2015

Ukbff Midlands Champion 2016


I've been actively working within the Health & Fitness Industry for just shy of 9 years now as a Personal Trainer & Sports Massage therapist. Taking into consideration I've only recently started Competitive Bodybuilding I'm currently enjoying massive success in the UK biggest Bodybuilding federation!! That being said throughout the busy 3 years competing I've struggled with the recuperation aspect of such a highly demanding exercise and work schedule! A trusted and well respected friend of mine put me onto DOMS ease oil earlier this year and suggested I incorporate that into my competition preparation to give it a true to life trail as it were to see if it really does what the names claims!! Firstly lets look at my day to day life as a busy fitness professional and competition preparing bodybuilder.... Monday to Friday train between 5 - 8 clients per day so that 8 hours of work! Everyday without fail I perform 1 hour of cardio vascular exercise @ 6am every morning. Monday to Saturday I train a particular body part for 1 hour with a 15min warm up and 15min cool down, so that 1.5 hours 6 days a week! And in the final 4 weeks of my preparations toward a competition I also add in 30mins of Extra Cardio just before Bed every night of the week to really push the envelope on conditioning! As you can see that's and incredibly demanding and time consuming schedule so what I decided to is this.... 

1-Add in DOMS oil to my pre on post training warm up and cool down.

2-Bath in DOMS oil at least twice per week post Leg sessions.

3-Incorporate DOMS oil into my weekly Massage treatments.

That way I can say I've given it and entirely fair chance to improve the exact same schedule I've used the past three British final prep's and do I truly believe it worked for me....... YES!!

I honestly felt like my recovery rate was vastly improved and as a result my perform then increased too. That being said I've also received similar feedback from my Massage clients who I've been unknowingly using it on too which is reassuring. From a therapist point of view I really enjoy using it because of its ease of application and also it's ease of removal, The normal lotions, oils and waxes i use always tend to leave a lasting residue on my hand, forearms and elbows which is a nightmare to get off but this isn't the case with DOMS oil it just leave a beautiful smell!!

"Am I a fan of the product... YES! Will I continue to use it in my clinic... YES! More importantly will I continue to use it on myself... DEFINITELY."

Darren Wilks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Elite Personal Trainer


Doctor Omnia Said
Doctor Omnia Said from Abu Dhabi Country Club tells us why she like to use DOMS Sport Ease oil on her football players Nehal Abdel Aziz, Dalila Zerouki and Fatiha Ouadah.

"DOMS Sport Ease oil is unique because it contains all natural ingredients which are very useful for players especially in cases of muscle pulls & cramps. I have tried it on the club players and I am impressed with the results and recommends all athletes to use it".

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DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies
DOMS Ease Oil Testimonies

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