6th March 2017

On the 1st January 2017, our DOMS Ease Oil Adventure Sport Ambassador Paul Suggitt began his epic 10,000 mile challenge.

Paul is taking on a mammoth 10,000 miles in 365 days by walking, running and riding a bike, which is effectively more than a marathon distance a day, EVERY day for a year in aid of the Chris Lucas Trust, a leading trust that helps fund the research into very aggressive childhood and teenage cancer.

48 days into his challenge, we have caught up with him to see how things are going.

Hi Paul, for those people who don’t know about your challenge, can you outline it for them?

I have started a challenge of completing 10,000 miles in 365 days, which broken down is 27.4 miles a day or 192 miles a week. I have set a minimum personal target of 28 miles a day or 196 miles a week to ensure I am always above the minimum needed.  The challenge is being completed by walking, running and riding a bike and is in aid of a great charitable trust, the Chris Lucas Trust.

The challenge is taking me all over mainland Britain, along with a lot of local and regional events in the North East of England.

Can you give us an update on your progress to date?

48 days into the challenge and the mileage is getting easier each day. So far I have not dropped below 28 miles a day and on some days I can manage a lot more, for instance a couple of weeks ago I went 75 miles in 1 day.

So far I have completed 1,492 miles of the 10,000 taking me to just short of 15% of my yearly goal in 48 days.

Can you tell us about the toughest part of your challenge so far?

The weather has been the biggest challenge I have had to face in the last 48 days.

You don’t appreciate the ever changing weather until you are doing something as extreme as I am doing right now every day in it.

The weather has an impact on your motivation, progress and truthfully it test’s your positivity in a big way when you are being hailed on, snowed on, heavily rained on etc.

How have you been managing to motivate yourself daily?

Regardless of the weather and the challenges it has brought so far, I work on the principle that each day is an opportunity and we are responsible for how our day turns out. On the worst days I just keep telling myself that each step or pedal is a step or pedal closer to my goal.

What advice can you offer anyone when the going gets tough?

Don’t give up.

It may feel tough, but it will get easier.

Just remember, every step or pedal is a step or pedal closer to your goal. 

My motto is “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

How has DOMS Ease Oil been helping you?

DOMS Ease oil has been a foundation to my recovery as most days I have aching legs / feet / lower back and I need to be able to recover and limit the amount of delayed onset muscle soreness so I can continue with the miles the next day.

This year I wont be getting any rest days like other people do in their weeks so I am relying on DOMS Ease Oil to help in a big way.

If I am back local or regional to where I live, I ensure the DOMS Ease Oil is used in a hot bath as it is amazing how much that helps soothe my tired body at the end of a day.

If I am away on locations around the country doing my miles I make sure I have a bottle of DOMS with me as I can apply it directly to my aching muscles and begin feeling the relief in no time.

DOMS Ease Oil are with Paul all the way and supporting his challenge throughout the year.

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